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My name is Cecilia Maria Castellanos

The only time I answer to all three names is when my mother calls me and I know that I am in relatively deep trouble. My closest friends have always found a way to change my name - I have been more commonly known as Ceci -Cecers-Cestpool-Cis-..and my parents have nicknamed me Shad which ive heard is really a kind of Fish and my sisters call me Midget (not for my stature, but for being the fourth child--the youngest child.)

I have moved from residing with my parents in Miami, to moving in with my beloved boyfriend in San Fransisco. I am working at a skin care company but also working on my journal writing - paper journal -as mentioned above i love to write but i have not written in a while journal writing for me is more of a mental workout to get me back shape..

I have two sisters and one brother, they live in a combination of Miami and Houston.

I learned how to drive when I turned 27, and I look at it as getting over a fear.
I still do not feel comfortable enough to drive on any expressway.

Poetry for me is the equivalent to oxygenated water-

My favorite sayings - " We are never alone, yet accompanied by our thoughts. " &
" The best comedian is one that can make fun of oneself. "

Just a random thought one of many - i love this lyric"love is like oxygen i get too much i get too high, not enough and im going to die, your love makes me high"
I have no idea what the name of the song is or who sings it, but i really love that lyric.